contract management software


Even though we live in a digital era, contract management has evolved a little more slowly. In your personal world you probably enjoy a simple and delightful user experience with all your devices. Well, we believe that contract management should look and feel just like that. In fact, we think you should be able to search for data in your contracts as easily as doing a Google search or create a contract report as simply as filtering products on Amazon. That’s contract management reimagined with Malbek!

Contract Management Repository

  • Easily accessible and secure contract storage
  • Analyze contracts with unlimited dimensions
  • Intuitive search similar to Google and Amazon
contract management
contract management software

Contract Request and Authoring

  • Native contract authoring tools tightly integrated to MS Word
  • Intelligent contract assembly with guided contracting
  • Audit history for full visibility into contract evolution
contract management software

Clause Library

  • Pre-approved language and terms to use in contracts
  • Visibility into the performance of preferred vs. alternate language
  • Higher deal velocity enabling sales to swap approved alternate clauses
contract management software
contract management software

Redlining, Negotiation, and Review

  • Automated dynamic workflows
  • Intelligent contract routing for faster approvals
  • Streamlined redlining and version control
contract management software


  • Expedite contract execution with e-signature
  • Integrated with leading e-sign solutions
  • Paperless contracting with e-sign or scanned signature
contract management software
contract management software

Contract Commitment Tracking

  • Proactive and timely event reminders and milestone calendar
  • Notifications for expirations, renewals, and other key events
  • Reduced financial exposure for missed obligations
contract management software


  • Encryption at rest with AES-256 encryption and on the wire
  • Permission-based access for authorized users
  • Complete audit trail of all contract changes
contract management software
contract management software

Contract Insights

  • Reporting designed for the business user
  • Answer complex questions with a simplified reporting interface
  • Unlimited filtering and search capabilities
contract management software

Contract Management Integrations

  • Drag and Drop integration marketplace with Malbek Konnect™
  • Productized, predefined connectors available out of the box
  • Flexible APIs to connect contract data to the rest of the organization
contract management software
contract management software

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI capabilities built on top of contract data and contracting lifecycle
  • Functionality beyond metadata extraction and analytics
  • Concrete recommendations to accelerate and build better contracts
contract management software