• Easily accessible and secured contract storage
  • Analyze contracts with unlimited dimensions
  • Intuitive search capabilities, similar to Google and Amazon

Contract Request and Authoring


  • Native contract authoring tools tightly integrated to MS Word
  • Intelligent contract assembly with guided contracting
  • Audit history for full visibility into contract evolution

Clause Library


  • Pre-approved language and terms for inclusion in contracts
  • Visibility into the performance of preferred vs. alternate language
  • Higher deal velocity enabling sales to swap approved alternate clauses

Redlining, Negotiation, and Review


  • Automated dynamic workflows
  • Intelligent contract routing for expedited approvals
  • Streamlined redlining and version control



  • Expedite contract execution with e-signature
  • Integrated with leading e-sign solutions
  • Paperless contracting with e-sign or scanned signature

Contract Commitment Tracking


  • Proactive and timely event reminders and milestone calendar
  • Notifications for expirations, renewals, and other key events
  • Reduced financial exposure for missed obligations



  • Encryption at rest with AES-256 encryption and on the wire
  • Permission-based access for authorized users
  • Complete audit trail of all contracts changes

Contract Insights


  • Reporting designed for the business users
  • Answer complex questions with a simplified reporting interface
  • Unlimited filtering and search capabilities



  • Drag and Drop integration marketplace with Malbek Konnect™
  • Productized, predefined connectors available out of the box
  • Flexible APIs to connect contract data to the rest of the organization

Artificial Intelligence


  • AI capabilities built on top of contract data and contracting lifecycle
  • Functionality beyond metadata extraction and analytics
  • Concrete recommendations to accelerate and build better contracts