contract management software

UpLevel Ops

UpLevel Ops provides a complete range of Legal Operations support, including CLM solution selection and implementation assistance, finance and budget guidance, talent management and development, benchmarking, best practices and metrics, and outside counsel selection and management. The UpLevel team brings real-world knowledge about the contract management process, industry trends, benchmarks and how peers in the market are defining “world class” as it relates to strategy, technology and all processes throughout the department.

contract management software


Brightleaf provides a technology powered service to extract information from contracts using their own proprietary semantic intelligence/natural language processing technology, their own team of lawyers to check the output, and a stringent Six-Sigma process to deliver end-to-end, highly accurate, extracted data from Clients’ contracts.

contract management software

Duff & Phelps

At Duff & Phelps we believe a contract is much more than a formality. It is a living document that drives value, with the potential to cause loss at any stage in its life. Our contract management team has the seasoned expertise needed to analyze and enhance how your company manages contracts throughout its lifecycle. We help optimize the value of contracts, with unparalleled support for clients at any stage, and any level.


The Stout Legal Management Consulting team assists corporate counsel and law firms in managing their business. We work side by side with legal organizations, their IT and business partners, and third-party providers to contain risks and costs through contract management process improvement, efficient data management, and technology usage.  Stout helps clients ensure that the right people perform the right work and position the legal organization for success in the eyes of executives and team members. Their services focus on achieving tangible results and enduring change, serving both as advisors and as experienced, scalable, hands-on resources.

HBR Consulting

HBR is a trusted advisor with a track record of delivering value and achieving sustainable results.  With core capabilities in advisory, managed services and software solutions, HBR is a trusted advisor to leading law firms, law departments and corporations.  Through collaboration with clients HBR increases productivity and profitability, while mitigating risk across the organization. HBR experts combine technical knowledge and industry expertise to provide clients data-driven solutions. HBR’s industry-leading benchmarking surveys and analytical tools help clients gauge performance relative to their peers and provide industry-specific perspectives, leading to insightful intel to drive business strategy.

contract management software

ABiz Corp

ABiz Corp specializes in providing tailored, high-quality and cost-effective services in the commercial contracting practice area. Consultants at ABiz have hands on and in-depth experience in using various third-party technology for both pre-signature and post-signature CCM activities. ABiz has successfully helped clients select and implement the right Contract Management System, and is highly recommended by clients for helping avoid common pitfalls during implementation with their time-tested business methodologies and long standing experience.

contract management software

GlobalSoft Solutions

GlobalSoft Solutions is a Gold certified SAP Services partner. We provide “Strategy through Support” solutions in CRM, Mobility, Analytics, ERP & SRM. With years of experience in implementing SAP ERP, CRM, BW / BI, SRM in multiple continents across diversified industries for organizations of all sizes, we offer transformative solutions leveraging innovation technologies – Cloud, Mobility, HANA and Social platforms. Our growing engagements with clients in industries such as Life Sciences, Discrete Manufacturing, Consumer Product Goods and Retail/Wholesale/Distribution has enabled us to gain valuable insights into standard best practices and their unique requirements.