Look no further! We’ve pulled together a variety of resources designed to help you be effective with your contract management system. Our eBooks and webinars provide educational content from thought leaders and industry experts. Let their insights guide you in your contract management journey.

Got a CLM Hangover? Find the Cure That Goes Beyond Just Technology

Legal operation professionals are suffering from a splitting contract management headache despite having more technology options than ever before. You may have identified that there is a contracting problem, but the reality is that technology alone is not the answer. The solution is a powerful combination of human insights, repeatable processes, and access to the contract data. This session is ideal for legal ops professionals who have identified that there is a problem but aren’t sure what steps to take next. This webinar, featuring legal ops professionals from Square and SurveyMonkey will focus on which best practices can make legal ops even more impactful and whether you should live with or move on from a contract system that isn’t working.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Reimagining Contract Data at the Heart of the Enterprise

Many organizations struggle with limited or outdated contracting solutions while trying to keep up with an ever-changing business environment. TIBCO Software, a global provider of data solutions, needed a change that could evolve with their growing and demanding business. Their goal was to bring contract data to life, to be able to analyze risk, identify favorable terms, and expedite contracting cycles. Even with employees working from home and spread across the globe, TIBCO was able to effectively and remotely deploy a new solution in record time. In this IACCM webinar, we explore why contract data sits at the hub of your business and how to harness its potential as well as how to recognize if you’ve outgrown your existing contract system.

CLM Webinar Part 6 - How to Get the Most out of Your CLM Solution

For the 6th and final installment in our CLM webinar series, we explore how to maximize your new investment in a CLM solution. Our panel of contract management experts provides insider tips on how to be an implementation success story. In this webinar we cover why you need to set reasonable, time-appropriate goals for implementation, the best ways to progress in contract maturity, and how to empower your team for the change that is about to occur.

CLM Webinar Part 5 - Selecting Your CLM Solution and Implementation Partner

In part 5 of our CLM webinar series, we finally tackle the topic of selecting your CLM solution and implementation partner. Our panel of contract management veterans provides insider tips on things to look for and ask about as you move ahead with a decision. They cover issues, including why it’s so key to choose a solution that can grow with you, how to identify a vendor that is easy to partner with, and the best ways to uncover vendors who over promise and will probably under deliver.

CLM Webinar Part 4 - How to Get the Most from a Contract Management System Demo

In part 4 of our CLM webinar series, we turn our attention to the demo process. Unfortunately, it can be far from straightforward. Our panel of contract management experts provides helpful insight and best practices to guide you in getting the most out of the contract management demos you see.

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CLM Webinar Part 3 - Avoiding RFP Pitfalls

For part 3 in our CLM series “Pulling Back the Curtain: Things You Ought to Know When Choosing a CLM Partner and a Solution” we turn our attention to the RFP process, which can be overwhelming and full of potential pitfalls. Our contract veterans tackle common misconceptions and provide insightful commentary on often overlooked aspects of contract management.

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CLM Webinar Part 2 - Finding the Right Contract Solution

If you have ever wondered where in the world to start when you know you need a better way to manage your contracts, then this webinar is for you. This second webinar in our “Pulling Back the Curtain” series on Contract Lifecycle Management builds on part one where we identified common contract management challenges. With the help of our panel of contract management veterans, we turn our attention to how to find a contract solution in the face of mounting contract challenges.

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Contracts Everywhere: How to Survive in a Do More with Less Environment

In a world of “do more with less,” corporate legal operations teams are often faced with increasing contract volume but with no additional resources. In this webinar, Malbek and Above the Law examine the common pain points that result and ways to overcome them through contract management systems.

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CLM Webinar Part 1 - Signs You Might Have a Contract Management Challenge

In this first installment of our webinar series called “Pulling Back the Curtain: Things You Ought to Know When Choosing a CLM Partner and a Solution” we focus on the top 6 ways you may be “contract challenged” in your organization. Our panel of experts shares anecdotes that will have you laughing (and maybe crying too!) about some of the crazy contract situations you’ve found yourself in along with helpful insights about how to avoid them in the future.

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The CLM Paradigm Shift: Why New is Definitely Better

In this webinar we partner with IACCM to discuss along with other contract management experts how cloud technology is changing the way contracts are managed – and for the better! We cover topics like customization vs. configuration, the need for contract insights, and how difficult upgrades used to be but don’t have to be. If you deal with contracts on a regular basis, you won’t want to miss this one.

The Complete Unbiased Guide to the CLM Buying Journey

Selecting a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution can feel totally overwhelming. But don’t despair! Thanks to insights and tips from industry veterans with decades of experience in contract management, this guide will help you navigate your way through the CLM buying experience. This guide is broken down into the six major phases in the CLM buying experience from identifying that you may have a problem through research, RFP development, product demos, choosing an implementation partner, and getting the most out of your new solution.

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The 10 Key Elements You Must Have In Your Contract Management System

Another top 10 list from a CLM vendor? We know you’ve read them before, but we’d wager ours is different than anything you’ve seen yet. Malbek loves to find new and creative ways to solve age old contracting problems. Give this eBook a read and see for yourself!

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Why You Need a New CLM Solution Now

Existing, legacy contract management systems can be clunky and outdated. They may require lots of maintenance and overhead, which means users don’t get to enjoy the same attractive, intuitive experience at work that they do with their consumer products. Malbek, on the other hand, is different. From the beauty of its user experience to its full feature set, this ebook will walk you through the ways that Malbek makes it simple and easy to manage your contracts like you actually are in the 21st century.

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Security in the Cloud for Contract Management Systems

Lets face it, data security is top of mind for us all, especially in the cloud! Read more in this data sheet about how Malbek has prioritized cloud security so that you can rest easy. From data separation to our authorization framework, your contracts are fully secure.

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Pharma White Paper

Malbek was founded by a group of contracting experts with deep experience in the pharmaceutical world. We understand the exceptional challenges unique to this industry’s complex contracting processes. This white paper covers the Malbek vision to solve these challenges with today’s cutting-edge technology through a consumer-grade user experience far different from anything else in the market.

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Industrial Gas White Paper

Long-term product supply agreements with an industrial gas customer can be riddled with obstacles that erode contract profitability over time. Malbek offers a comprehensive and easy to use solution to evaluate and manage your customer agreements throughout the lifecycle from inception to end of an agreement that maximizes profitability for the industrial gas supplier. Learn more by reading this white paper.

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Bob and Bek Discuss the Contracting Challenges You Face Every Day

Managing contracts ain’t easy! Meet Bob and Bek, the spokespeople for struggling contract managers everywhere. In this video they cover issues like outdated, clunky systems, the trouble with limited IT resources, and how hard it is to find the data you need in your contracts. You might be surprised how Malbek tackles these contracting challenges!

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The Malbek Contrax™ Teaser Video

Get a taste of what Malbek Contrax can do for you. Intrigued? Check out the website to learn even more.

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The Malbek Culture Story

Every start-up has a story, and Malbek is no exception. Watch this video to find out how it all began, but beyond that hear about what drives us as a company and how we approach things a little differently than others.

Contract Management System - Malbek Contrax™

Download this data sheet to learn more about Malbek Contrax. Our contract management system has a user experience like no other, and it truly can help you accelerate your contracting process and “speed the green.”

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Malbek Konnect™

You may not believe it’s possible, but this data sheet covers how easy it is to integrate your existing solutions, such as your CRM or ERP solutions, with the Malbek contract management system using our integration framework, Malbek Konnect.

The Cost of Forgetting Contract Milestones

nextSource, a managed services company, needed a searchable repository for their high volume of contracts that would also safeguard them from missing key milestones. They chose Malbek for its robust CLM functionality coupled with an easy user interface, deep domain expertise, and outstanding customer support.

How Contract Analytics Helped One Company Win Big

A 4th-generation, family-owned industrial gas company needed a better way to manage the product bundles and pricing tiers in their contracts. With Malbek’s out-of-the-box reporting and analytics they have protected 20% of potential revenue loss and accelerated contracting cycle times by more than 40%.

Solving a Global Contract Problem with Malbek

A global medical device developer needed a way to bring visibility and access to their contracts regardless of physical location. Their extensive vendor search led them to Malbek whose flexible platform, simple user interface, and low total cost of ownership was exactly what the company was looking for.

It's Not Me, It's You: A CLM Break-up Story

An industry-leading Saas company, specializing in surveys, research, and benchmarking, was unhappy with their existing contract management vendor, and after an extensive contract management system search, found their perfect match in Malbek.