Learning a thing or two from the pros

Whether you are advising someone on a board or the board is advising you, we are always learning from each other.  Our board of advisors is a key driver in shaping our vision and product roadmap. They keep us sharp, honest, and focused. We think they’re pretty awesome, so let us introduce them!

Stephanie Corey

Co-founder – UpLevel Ops

Stephanie Corey is a widely respected veteran when it comes to legal operations and best practices in contract management.  In her career, she has served as the Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Legal Operations at Flex, the second largest manufacturing company in the world and spent the better part of her career providing value-added services to Legal Departments.  Her areas of expertise include Information Technology, System Implementations, Contract Review Process Analysis and Improvements, Finance, Communications and Administration.  Stephanie also founded and is a former executive member of the leading legal operations trade organization CLOC, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium.

Rafael Carmona

Vice President, Global Licensing at TIBCO Software

Rafael has spent most of his professional life helping in-house legal departments of US technology corporations achieve excellence and provide outstanding services to its customers in all areas, including the contract review process.

One of the keys to attain success and thrive in a legal corporate environment is to stay ahead of the game and anticipate the business needs. To serve in such companies, knowing and understanding state of the art technologies is essential; as such, Rafael is keen to explore how new innovations can be applied to and increase efficiencies both within the legal teams and at the businesses they serve. At TIBCO Software, Rafael was involved in the roll-out of its first Contract Management System in 2007 and is currently responsible for ensuring that legal applications meet the ever growing and changing business requirements of an enterprise software business.

Teju Deshpande

CEO and Founder, Oya Solutions

Teju has spent over twenty-five years in the technology and legal services industries, helping leaders improve effectiveness and efficiency through process, technology and data optimization. She is passionate about delivering breakthrough solutions and providing innovative approaches to client problems in areas like the contract review process.

Teju launched Oya Solutions to focus on deploying leading edge contract management solutions to significantly increase contracting efficiency and effectiveness, provide visibility and data analytics and better manage risk. She has decades of experience working with law departments and contract management functions. In the past few years, she has led over forty contract management technology implementations for both mid-market and enterprise customers in a variety of industries.

Andrew Marovich

Government Contracts Operations Leader – GE Aviation, a General Electric Company

Andrew has deep domain expertise in government business, regulatory compliance, contract negotiations, and stringent compliance processes.

He is a critical thought leader and a subject matter expert on effective contract management, including the contract review process. Andrew has supported the General Electric Aviation business unit and the General Electric company wide Government Business Center of Excellence for many years. He understands how such highly regulated industries must operate and how important growth with compliance is for overall business success.  His in-depth experience working on Contract Lifecycle Management strategies, solution development and implementation efforts make Andrew an incredible source of knowledge for the Malbek team to build solutions that address the use cases of such industries with compliance regulations.

David Adams

Business Development – Industrial Gas

David is a results-driven, senior business leader with global experience. His extensive background in the Industrial Gas industry allows David to align Malbek’s solutions with the unique needs of that market. He has spent over 30 years with Praxair and Matheson in several roles, including Director of Contract Management, where he managed the bulk gas product supply agreements. David’s subject matter expertise and extensive experience in this market allows the Malbek team to build innovative solutions that address unique business challenges in areas such as the contract review process, resulting in overall customer satisfaction.