Malbek is for Everyone

contract management software
contract management software
contract management software

Contract Management for Sales

  • Close deals faster
  • Streamline contract requests from your CRM
  • Increase contract visibility
  • Search for contracts with ease

Contract Management for Legal

  • Gain contract insight through AI
  • Avoid rogue contracting and increase compliance
  • Manage increasing workload
  • Streamline authoring and approval cycles

Contract Management for Finance

  • Track actuals against contractual terms
  • Maximize contract profitability
  • Avoid the cost of missed commitments
  • Identify contract effectiveness with powerful AI

Contract Management Reimagined

Transforming contract management from outdated to state of the art

Analytics, Clause Library and AI

Malbek makes the contract authoring process simple and fast. To start with, the solution includes automated clauses and pre-approved language and terms to pick from. In addition, AI and analytics help you use the power of the data in your contracts. As a result this makes it possible to improve contract effectiveness thanks to Malbek’s contract management software.

Review and Approval

Malbek’s contract management software makes contract review and approval smart and flexible. As a result, the right people are included each step of the way in your contracting cycle. Similarly, redlining and version control make it easy to identify changes, protecting the value of the contract. Due to this you won’t have to worry about losing sight of where a contract is in the review and approval process. Best of all, we help you keep your contracts moving!

Searchable Repository with Milestone Reminders

Malbek’s built-in search tool will revolutionize how you find info. Consequently, searching for a contract or a key term is just as simple and powerful as searching for something on Google. Since milestone management is automated, you will never be caught off-guard again. As a result, you do not have to worry about missing a surprise contract commitment or renewal. Certainly risk and fees can quickly add up, but Malbek provides a contract peace of mind.

The MalbekTM  Difference

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